Završen Stracraft II Serbian 2015 Championship

Završen je Stracraft II Serbian 2015 Championship Turnir koji se održao 4. Oktobra u KGB Igraonici, a pobednik je Beastyqt (Aleksandar Krstić) koji će predstavljati Srbiju na International e-Sport Federation u Seulu od 2 do 5 Decembra 2015. Aleksandru možemo samo poželeti puno sreće i uspeha na turniru u Seulu!
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Imali smo 8 učesnika na turniru:
  1. Igor Vavan - Jigosep - Zerg
  2. Marko Tot - Lightsider - Protoss
  3. Dejan Minic - Zerox - Protoss
  4. Tomislav Ivanovic - Shaddar - Zerg
  5. Nikola Janketic - Zlidzoni - Zerg
  6. Milan Domazet - Poxon - Protoss
  7. Aleksandar Krstic - Beastyqt - Terran
  8. Damir Redžepagic - FasumAga - Zerg
Pobednici Turnira su:
  1. Aleksandar Krstic - Beastyqt - Terran
  2. Marko Tot - Lightsider - Protoss
  3. Milan Domazet - Poxon - Protoss
  4. Dejan Minic - Zerox - Protoss
Sistem turnira: BO3, dok su finale i borba za treće mesto BO5
Mape: Blizzard ladder mape
Zanimljivosti na turniru:
Jedini "Terran", Aleksandar Krstic - Beastyqt, nije izgubio nijednu partiju.
"Zergovi", iako najbrojniji, nisu pobedili nijednu partiju.
  1. Zerg: 4
  2. Protoss: 3
  3. Terran: 1

Stracraft II Serbian 2015 Championship

U Nedelju 4. Oktobra, Serbian e-Sport Association organizuje Stracraft 2 Serbian 2015 Championship turnir. Turnir će biti održan u KGB igraonici (Beograd, Ruzveltova 1, metro ispod Vukovog spomenika) sa početkom u 11 sati. Igraće se Heart of the Swarm ekspanzija, a pobednik dobija plaćen put i smeštaj u Koreju i pravo da učestvuje na najvećem iESF (International e-Sport Federation) turniru ove godine, 2 - 5 decembra. Drugo i treće mesto će dobiti vredne nagrade od sponzora Logitech i SESA. Kotizacija je simboličnih 100 rsd. Gl hf!
Turnir: Stracraft II Serbian 2015 Championship
Dan i Vreme Turnira: 4 Oktobar, 11h
Mesto: Igraonica KGB - Beograd, Ruzveltova 1 (Metro ispod Vukovog Spomenika)
  1. Put i Smeštaj na International e-Sport Federation World Championship Seul, Korea 2-5 Decembra 2015
  2. Logitech G Tastatura, Steelseries Starcraft podloga + Majica
  3. Logitech G Miš, Steelseries Starcraft podloga + Majica
Kotizacija: 100 RSD
Prijave za turnir isključivo slati na mail
Media: AdriaCraft
Pokrovitelj: Logitech

Starcraft II - Legacy of the Void Izlazi 10 Oktobra, Opening Cinematic

Blizzard je objavio da Legacy of the Void izlazi 10 Novembra 2015. Pored datuma izlaska pustili su nam i Cinematic koji možete pogledati u prilogu!

Legacy of the Void Svetska Premijera - Cinematic i Datum Izlaska Igre

Obeležite 13 Septembar u Vašem kalendaru i spremite se u 19 sati da gledate svetsku premijeru prikaza Legacy of the Void Cinematica, gde ćemo saznati i datum izlaska igre!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Prepare to Reclaim Your Homeworld!

An ancient evil threatens the fate of the entire galaxy, and only you can stop it. Join us, along with players around the world, and take part in the unveiling of all-new content for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, including:

  • World premiere of the Legacy of the Void cinematic and launch date reveal
  • A preview of what’s to come in Legacy of the Void from StarCraft II’s senior developers
  • The thrilling conclusion to the StarCraft II WCS Season 3 Finals live from Poland

Hosted by William “Chobra” Cho, the stream will take place on September 13 at 19:00 CEST on the official StarCraft Twitch channel and finish with the epic conclusion of the WCS Season 3 finals live from Poland.

Be sure to check out all the details about the WCS event in Poland and join us in person if you can.

We hope to see you there or on the live stream!

Our life for Aiur,

The StarCraft II team

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.5

Blizzard je objavio zvanične Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.5 informacije, gde možemo videti dosta izmena koje se dešavaju pred sam izalazak igre.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.5

Here are the latest changes for the StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Beta. For a more detailed breakdown about these changes, please make sure to read our blog.


  • The first iteration of Automated Tournaments has been added.
    • This feature can be accessed by clicking on ‘Tournaments’ on the home screen.
    • Read our blog to learn more.
  • Showing possible enemy placements on a map has been increased to 25 seconds.


  • Removed Chrono Boost.
  • Warp Gate research time reduced to 140 from 160.
  • Nexus provides 11 supply up from 10.
  • Zealot
    • Charge now deals 30 damage on hit.
    • Charge speed buff reduced to 2.75, down from 2.95.
  • Warp Gate
    • Warping in units at a Pylon increased to 16 seconds, up from 5.
    • Warping in units at a Pylon that is near a Warp Gate or a Nexus will take 2 seconds.
    • Warp Prism
      • Warping in units takes 2 seconds, down from 5.
  • Disruptor
    • Purification Nova removed.
    • New ability: The disruptor becomes immobile and shoots out a ball of energy that can be controlled and detonates after a few seconds, dealing 145 damage and 55 damage to shields.
    • If the Disruptor is destroyed before the energy ball detonates, it will fail to explode.
    • Build time reduced to 50 seconds from 60.


  • Calldown: MULE has been removed.
  • Cyclone
    • Lock On damage reduced to 300 over 20 sec.
    • Can use Lock ON against air units; deals 120 damage over 20 sec.
    • New Upgrade: Increases Lock On damage to 600 over 20 sec against ground units and 360 over 20 sec for air units.
  • Medivac
    • Removed faster unload upgrade.
    • New upgrade increases Ignite Afterburners by 50%.


  • Spawn Larva
    • Spawns 2 larva, down from 4.
    • Set to autocast by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused clicking sounds when launching StarCraft II for Windows 10 users.

Whispers of Oblivion – Prologue to Legacy of the Void

Dugo nismo imali vesti o progresu Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. Blizzard je na E3 objavio Prologue Legacy of the Void Starcraft II nastavka pod nazivom Whispers of Oblivion!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

What is Whispers of Oblivion?
Whispers of Oblivion is a special three-mission prologue series that has been created to bridge the storyline between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.

What can we expect from these missions?
In Whispers of Oblivion, players will join Zeratul for the first time since Wings of Liberty to unravel the final piece of the Xel’naga prophecy.

How can I play these new campaign missions?
We will be making Whispers of Oblivion available to all players before the game’s release, but prior to that, we will be providing early access to the Prologue missions with pre-purchase of the game, as part of the Legacy of the Void beta. Look for more details sometime in July.

Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.2, Nova Jedinica Liberator

Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.2
Blizzard je objavio izmene koje su došle uz novi LotV Beta Patch 2.5.2.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

This patch brings a brand new unit to the Terran army, a chat system rework and a bevy of bug fixes to the Legacy of the Void beta. Find a full list of them in the patch notes below:



  • Chat System
    • The old StarCraft II Chat System has been removed and a new embedded chat dialogue has been added.
    • Type /help into chat for a full list of commands.
  • Friends List
    • The Friends List has been given a slight visual refresh and should feel more responsive.
    • Players Near You has been moved from the Home Screen and placed into the Friends List.



  • Gas geysers now contain 2000 gas.
  • Mini-map
    • Units and buildings on the mini-map have a black border around them once again.



  • New Unit: Liberator
    • Mechanical Air Unit
    • Fires 2 missiles that deal 7 splash damage to air units.
    • Can be deployed to attack ground units, losing mobility and anti-air attack.
      • While deployed, the Liberator attacks any ground units in the target zone for 85 damage.
      • Single target damage.
      • Cannot attack buildings while deployed.
  • Vehicle and Ship Weapon upgrades have been separated again.
  • Missile Turrets once again require an Engineering Bay in order to be constructed.
  • Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
    • Command Center > Planetary Fortress
    • Barracks > Factory > Starport
    • Engineering Bay > Armory



  • Swarm Hosts
    • Can no longer move while burrowed.
  • Roaches
    • Burrow movement once again needs to be researched.
  • Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
    • Hatchery > Lair > Hive
    • Evolutionary Chamber > Spire > Greater Spire
    • Hydralisk Den > Lurker Den


  • Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
    • Gateway > Robotics > Stargate


Bug Fixes


  • The Raven ready sound no longer plays when a Cyclone is created.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a newly morphed Ravager to glide on the ground.
  • Neural Parasite will no longer persist through Oracle’s Stasis Trap.
  • A unit can no longer be targeted with Graviton Beam while are under the effect of knock-back.
  • Fixed an issue that caused units to attack destructible doodads they were railed to.
  • Siege Tanks in siege mode should no longer become covered by creep when moved by a Medivac.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented unburrowed Swarm Hosts from spawning locusts when selected in a group with burrowed Swarm Hosts.
  • Locusts should now correctly have a life duration of 25.
  • Adepts can no longer phase into buildings under construction.
  • Lurker attacks should no longer be visible through the Fog of War.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Adept to glide if issued a move command immediately after using Psionic Transfer.
  • Caustic Spray and Parasitic Bomb will now properly trigger an “Under Attack” alert.
  • Adjusting the viewing speed of a replay should no longer cause the timestamp to jump around.
  • The Hellbat's attack will now correctly appear blue with the Infernal Pre-Igniters upgrade.
  • The “Activate Stasis Trap” hotkey is now available for customization.
  • Cyclones will no longer automatically target disguised changelings when Lock On is set to Auto-Cast.
  • You can no longer reveal a Stasis Ward by using an Overlords “Generate Creep” ability.
  • The Lurker Den is no longer missing from the Zerg Structures Hotkeys Menu.
  • The Battlecruiser animation on the home screen will no longer disappear if you are idle.
  • The Disruptor's Purification Nova explosion effect is no longer faint on Low graphic settings.
Nova Jedinica Liberator
Blizzard je objavio preview nove jedinice Liberator.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)


The Liberator has arrived, igniting the skies and raining down fire on enemy combatants...


Health: 180 Armor: 0 Movement Speed: 3.375
Range: 5 Weapon 7x2 Weapon Speed: 1.8

Insights from Senior Game Designer David Kim

The Liberator is a large, high-cost air unit that deals splash damage against its enemies in the sky. The liberator normally can’t attack ground, but it can target a specific ground area in order to deal high burst single-target damage to any unit entering that area. This ground attack only targets units, so structures can’t be hit with this weapon.

We want this unit to make the Starport more rounded along with the other changes we’re bringing into Legacy of the Void, like the banshee movement speed upgrade and the Battlecruiser Tactical Jump ability. By introducing this unit to the Starport and separating out the Terran mech vehicle and ship upgrades, we think it’ll allow for a more diverse set of strategies for the Terran. It will be difficult to upgrade all three of the Barracks, Factory, and Starport tech routes, so we’re hoping to see a good variety of mixed tech units depending on the matchup and strategies players choose to go.

Check out the Liberator in action...
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