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Originally Posted by Blizzard 
  • Toybox items that still require reputation might be oversights or technical limitations, they will take a look at them.
  • No third spec is planned. The Mists of Pandaria changes to the talent system help to make switching specs easier. (This has been addressed before)
  • The Old Gods do pose a great threat to Azeroth, but Sargeras is also scary.
  • More guild achievements will be added when they fit
  • Guild garrisons or housing is something the team will continue to discuss for the future. A guild garrison would need significant changes to the system. Joining a friends group to go into their garrison is the current solution for visiting a friend's garrison.
  • Better collision detection would be nice. Some objects have collision that shouldn't, which is why you sometimes get stuck on things.
  • The world is big, so it takes time to travel it. (Someone asked how long it should take to fly across the world)
  • No secondary glyph for fire cat form is planned. It is a very over the top visual, so they don't want everyone running around as a fire cat forever. Farming the seeds to get the form makes it inconvenient by design.
  • The team looks at talents that no one picks to try and improve or replace them so that they are more balanced, rather than nerfing certain talents that everyone picks unless it is necessary.
  • Only some classes having a class mount is just how the game has worked so far. If the team comes up with an amazing idea for a class mount, they will add it.
  • Doing /roar in a Druid form makes the racial roar noise instead of the animal form noise.
  • Battle pets have been received well by the community and they will continue to add more content rather than adding new systems.
  • No idea why Thrall is the only Orc with eyebrows. He was raised by humans and that helps to show he is different.
  • The character recustomization server still exists because the team doesn't want you to change your character's gender and race at will. They are also bigger parts of your character than small facial features.
  • Having legendary weapons in arenas is fun, allowing players to shine. It also depends on if classes are doing well or not. In the past legendary weapons in arenas have been a problem, but they could also do a PvP only legendary or something to balance it.
  • Internal simulations are done by bots running in the real client to gather real data. There is an obsession with a Patchwerk DPS balance, even though there aren't any fights like that anymore. Balancing DPS on a Patchwerk fight would not be balanced in most actual fights. Balance isn't perfect, the team can make mistakes, so keep the feedback coming.
  • Portal roulette is not fun for non-mages.
  • Beards disappear with certain helmets, which can be a bug.
  • New armor that is 3D is something the team is talking about, they are drawing it up and coming with ideas. No solid release date yet.
  • Armor used by NPCs and not on any player accessible items can be added as rewards in the future.
  • Transmog sets that don't match because some pieces are missing are just an artifact of how the art was used in the past, that is something that can be looked at.
  • Trade Prince Gallywix will come back and might be used to tell some new stories.
  • The team can make crafting and cooking bacon happen. They have the technology.
  • There are no plans to make legendary items / parts of items bind on account. You can go and solo bosses on characters that can use the item.
  • Social content like AQ gates opening is great, but it crashed the servers. One person being a hero and representing the server is something cool that can be done.
  • Farahlon may or may not make it into a content patch. The team isn't sure yet, which is why it was removed from the map. At one point they considered using it as an area for boosted players, but Tanaan Jungle felt like the better choice.
  • Mounts are account wide and still have class or profession restrictions because those mounts are perks of being that class or profession.
  • There was a Worgen story in Shadowmoon, but the team decided to focus on the Draenei instead, as the Worgen felt out of place there.
  • The team can make one click milling and prospecting if it is something players want.
  • Garrisons having a small chance to give you a few items of raid gear doesn't make them required.
  • Roleplaying fuels itself, the team helps by providing environments and opportunities conducive to roleplay. The Group Finder could let you find people who want to participate.
  • Garrisons are a better daily content option than daily quests were. There is more you can do with them.
  • Some spells got changed to the omni cast animation from a targeted cast, so that is something the team can go back and reevaluate these changes to make sure they are working.
  • It would be nice to have addons stored in the cloud, so that wherever you log in you would have your UI and settings.
  • Khadgar is stepping up
  • Transmog system revamp to free up even more space is still planned.
  • Dragons and the Aspects are important parts of the lore that will be used in the future.
  • The male night elf eyebrows missing from one of the faces might be a bug that is fixed in the near future.
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