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  • Jaina is Magical, Icy, and Sharp. Her spell sounds should reflect that.
  • A broken bottle was helpful when creating her sound effects.
  • The same sound for Frostbolt from World of Warcraft couldn't be used for Heroes as there is no cast time to it in Heroes. Instead, it gains an immediate punch to it.
  • Ring of Frost's sound was made to have "ascending then descending tones" to give players an audible prompt right away that it was going to be serious.

Lost Vikings

  • The Vikings are Comical, Medieval, and Light-hearted.
  • Olaf's sounds are deep, Erik's more on the higher scale, and Baleog somewhere inbetween.


  • Mystical, Natural, and Tough.
  • Chain Lightning was created with fireworks, and a tape measure.
  • Feral Spirit was created with a toolbox being dragged across concrete (movement), and a blow torch (dissipation)!
  • Earthquake needs to give you information that something is about to go bad real quick. Part of its sounds come from a giant bell.

 Hero Voices

  • Which version of this hero are we creating? The first question that needs to be asked.
    • At different points in each hero's life, they've been a different character, and that can have a great effect on their voice.
    • The chosen hero should be the one people are most familiar with, and when they were strong, and powerful.
  • Thrall's the Warchief of the Horde! Charging into battle "FOR DOOMHAMMER!"
  • Jaina's most memorable time was also from early World of Warcraft.
  • Back in Warcraft III, the average lines a unit spoke was just 20. For Heroes, its 300! They include:
    • Gameplay reminders
      • Error messages: "I need more mana for that" - Jaina
      • Caution Suggestions: "Attack Now! Lok'tar! - Thrall
    • Interactions
      • Heroes talk with each other, promotions interaction between you and your teammates automatically.
      • Celebrations, and thank yous. "I'm healed? Oh I love this game" - Eric the Swift
      • Lets them reference the lore. Uther: "Why should I trust you boy" Arthas: "If you prefer, I can always kill you again"
    • Comedy
      • Comedic setting, not always the heroes. Diablo isn't very comedic.
      • Nexus is supposed to be funny.
      • Probably doesn't make sense in the lore. Raynor killing Diablo?
      • Promotes a lighter atmosphere.
    • Celebrate cool moments
      • Unique interactions on deaths.

Questions and Answers

Does the 300+ unit lines count skins which have specific lines?
No, skins with their own voices have their own unique 300 lines.

Will we get new music for new heroes?
Nothing being planned right now, maybe for promotional material.

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