Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel

Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel nam je otkriove četri nova heroja: Sylvanas, Jaina, Thrall i Lost Vikings kao i dva nova Battlegrounda: Sky Temple i Tomb of the Spider Queen.
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Hero Design Philosophy

  • Fantasy
  • Look - Communicates how the character should play in the game. If its a big beefy character, he's probably a tank.
  • These contribute to the hero's design.

New Heroes

  • Sylvanas
    • Not playable at BlizzCon, but she's close to release.
    • What defines Sylvanas? Shes an Undead leader, she has a bow.
    • In 2010 when we first showed her, we used to use color of heroes to determine which team they were on. She's much different today.
    • Our first iteration she was able to trap to silence heroes, and could block out enemy screens. Her kit didn't fit the fantasy of the hero, so they went back to Warcraft III.
      • Dark Archer. Black magic vibe. Banshees. Possess!
    • Needed to make sure not only her look was different than other archers in the game, they needed to have different kits. Sylvanas is a siege archer.
    • One of her development abilities was turned into a trait.
      • Strangling Shot: 50 Mana, 10 second cooldown. Disables buildings.
      • Trait: Black Arrows -  Basic Attacks and Abilities stun enemy minions, Mercs, and aggressive structures for 1 second.
  • Thrall
    • Gone through many variations through the years on design.
    • Thrall is a Warchief. He has his Doomhammer, one of the most iconic weapons in Warcraft.
    • Because of Thrall, the mounts system was conceptualized. They wanted him to ride of a Direwolf.
    • Back in 2010, Thrall's kit was very different. It didn't feel like him. His original kit was given to Rehgar.
    • Thrall has a lot of lightning. He's also a character you want to see in enemy faces, but not necessarily a tank.
    • Frostwolf Resilience: Damaging enemies gains charges, with enough charges, he heals himself.
      • Synergizes well will with Chain Lightning.
    • Feral Spirit: Roots enemies.
  • Jaina
    • Her development has been about refining the fantasy. She has a lot of history in the Warcraft universe.
    • She became a character which didn't really battle over time. They're bringing her back to her Warcraft III self.
    • They started with Water Elemental as being a basic ability. It was proven problematic.
      • They wanted her to summon it, but only last for a limited time.
      • Had an issue in the core gameplay loop. Water Elemental was becoming the core of Jaina.
    • What if Jaina was just a frost mage? No fire spells, no fire spells.
    • Cone of Cold in WoW makes you feel like you've broken the game based on its visual and audio feedback. Very cool moments. Jaina should feel like this.
    • Trait: Frostbite. Spells chill enemies, and spell hits deal 50% bonus damage when they're chilled.
    • Frostbolt, Blizzard, Cone of Cold makes her feel perfect.
  • Lost Vikings
    • Its Happening! It was a challenge for the development team. The characters are over 20 years old, they didn't have much distinction, and its 3 heroes in 1.
    • They needed to all be visually unique. In the original game they shared some colors, now they're all very unique.
    • They asked themselves before making Chen, if he could be a hero which would have individual spirit control. It felt clunky.
      • It didn't work well because the moment you pop Storm, Earth, and Fire, you aren't used to controlling three separate heroes.
      • Lost Vikings it works much better players have the expectation of playing three heroes all game long.
    • Originally didn't have individual abilities. They decided it wasn't good enough.
    • Talent system changes how each viking plays, so players can choose how crazy they want to make their vikings.
    • Can move around the field independent of each other. Solo cap Dragon Knight!


  • Philosophy: Think of them as a WoW raid. You've been through tons of them, and they all have common elements.
    • There should be a core, awesome mechanic for each battleground. Changes the flow of gameplay.
    • Watch Towers and Health Fountains are all shared.
  • Sky Temple (New BG)
    • Has the same core elements, mercs, towers as other bgs.
    • Takes place in a brand new universe, never before seen in another Blizzard game.
    • Ancient Egyption vibe. Temples, aquaducts.
    • Capture Points: Temple Guardians come out to kill you. If you stand on it longer, and survive, lasers come out to help you.
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen (New BG, WIP)
    • Takes place in the save universe as sky temple.
    • Is an interior battleground, the first one! It's spooky.
    • Experimenting with props to make it fun for the players.
  • Designing objects starts off with blocky shapes, then give them details.

What's Next

  • We're going to the Diablo Universe! Collide Heaven and Hell.
    • Everything is in a concept state, nothing is final.
    • Diablo Mounts and Skins will be coming out, and heroes.
    • Skeleton King! New Hero
    • The Butcher! New Hero
    • Crusader! New Hero
Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel
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