Warcraft Movie Presentation

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Duncan Jones has played the Warcraft games, World of Warcraft, and even Lost Vikings. He originally played Ultima Online.
  • The Special Effects supervisor plays World of Warcraft and is level 90.
  • Marketing hasn't started yet, so there isn't a ton to reveal yet.
  • Jones liked the script, but it was very Alliance centric. He thought it would be better to make it about both sides and the original Warcraft.
  • Jones turned down other films because he was really passionate about working on Warcraft.
  • While working on Golden Compass, the special effects supervisor got up at 2 in the morning to do runs with his guild.
  • Real actors will be used for the Orcs.
  • Avatar meets Game of Thrones as far as complexity of visual effects with live action, advanced special effects, and motion capture on set.
  • There is a lot of Warcraft lore, so they had to pick a certain amount of the lore for this movie.
  • The team has to figure out which characters to shine the spotlight on.
  • There is concept art for Draenor, Dalaran, Ironforge, Stormwind
  • Making environments for the game has a lot of restrictions, but in the movie you can expand on the environment with less restriction and make it more grand / cinematic.
  • Many locations in the film will be on built sets, like the Lion's Pride Inn.
  • The most famous character in World of Warcraft is the actual world itself.
  • Wardrobe and Costume design is being done by someone that has worked on Avatar.
  • The team is looking at details as small as the bark on the trees in Elwynn Forest.
  • People who don't know the world and people who are hardcore players will both enjoy the film.
  • The story is Orcs vs Humans. Lothar and Durotan.
  • Durotan represents the highest ideal of the Orcs. He believes in his people and his future.
  • Both want to do the right thing for their people.
  • The games weren't the best way to tell this story originally, so the movie will be a great opportunity to tell the story in an even more epic way.
  • Someone has to win and someone has to lose, but everyone loses at least a little bit.
  • The style of this war movie will be similar to Gladiator, gritty.
  • WoW doesn't have scabbards, so where swords will go has to be worked out.
  • There are no plans for an art book for the movie, but it is a possibility.
  • Lots of the cast has been picked out.
  • The first movie has to be done right, then they can think about doing more.
  • The majority of the movie takes place in the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • The lore of this time doesn't have many female characters, but the producers are pushing for including some female characters.
  • We will see a preview sometime next year, maybe at Blizzcon.
  • Metzen would like to do a TV series one day. When they originally decided to do a movie, Game of Thrones didn't exist on TV yet, so most similar stories were told in movies. If everything goes well, maybe a studio will want to do a TV show.
  • The Lord of the Rings movies inspired Jones to want to do this movie. He wants to match or beat them at making an awesome movie.
  • Someone is working on the Orcish language for the movie.
  • The movie will be PG13, but the PG13 rating is shifting. Batman movies are PG13.
Warcraft Movie Presentation
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