Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel

Originally Posted by Blizzard (WoWInsider)
1:28PM And we're done! I'm so excited about this game!

1:27PM It will be possible to view enemy hero builds, and much more, on a strategic map.

1:24PM The main message here is that they can build just about anything. There will also be a map editor in game at some point.

1:22PM You earn gold in game, and can pay to buy things like heroes and skins, there's also unlock progression, but no pay to win.

1:21PM Tons of questions about this hero or that hero and so on... loads of potential

1:18PM Fifteen to twenty minute games, that's the goal, and they are committed to making it real. Lane pushing power comes from captures and characters, which also creates a ton of balance tools. However, games will end organically, not cut off. You level very fast in heroes, too.

1:16PM All manner of maps are on the menu different modes and the like, because if how the engine is built on StarCraft

1:15PM Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft are all on the menu

1:14PM Items are gone, replaced by talents. Faster paced games and battlefield decisions as opposed to going back to base to shop

1:13PM Question time! Rock and roll racers and lost Vikings will be skins.

1:09PM Mounts can be used to customize your hero beyond skins. My Little Pony mount is hilarious and I want it! They also allow faster movement across the map.

1:08PM mode where you and your party can reserve your heroes before the game so others can't steal them. You'll be rewarded for playing with people, the out-of-game XP gains will be greater if you play with a group.

1:07PM 5v5 team game, so playing with friends is great for strategy

1:06PM Tyrael fire chains deal damage as a clothes line stretched between two players. So cool!

1:05PM These abilities are insanely cool, giant shadows of spaceships flying around killing things, for example

1:03PM Key heroes such as Raynor fulfil the easy to learn hard to master philosophy, while others are just plain hard!

1:01PM Talents allow you to customize your play style, and force your opponents to adapt

1:00PM You can choose your ultimate ability, as well as augmenting your basic, core abilities.

1:00PM Looking at Stitches, Stitches has hook, and a way to eat people.

12:59PM The models for heroes are amazing

12:56PM Hero design is a huge deal, the designers are asking 'what is the fantasy'for players playing the heroes?

12:54PM Absolutely love the tactical side of this game, but have some concerns about PuG groups

12:53PM One skulls are collected, the Grave Golem spawns in your base. The more skulls you get, the stronger your Grave Golem is.

12:51PM Haunted Mines requires you to decide how many team members go down to gather items and win the Grave Golem in the mine, and how many stay up to focus objectives.

12:49PM Tributes captures have to channelled, so team play is required around the area.

12:48PM Capturing tributes grant curses, meaning things like towers don't fight back.

12:47PM Pushing back and forth to hold ground, then heading out to grab tributes

12:46PM tributes ensure that lane play is still likely relevant

12:45PM There is a ton of attention to detail in the art, different mobs, forts, it all looks stunning while still definitely Blizzard.

12:44PM The npc capture style of these maps is really exciting, a change from the normal.

12:42PM There are NPCs and chests to gain items for boss captures. Player holding the gold can be killed and captured, then the enemy can capture the boss! The tactics here sound amazing!

12:40PM Ghost pirate ships, can be captured to fight for you by bringing stacks of gold to them. Many similar bosses in other maps, abominations and the like.

12:37PM When you defeat npcs, they largely join your forces. not minions, but jungle mobs and bosses.

12:36PM the use of fortifications is slightly new in style from what we're used to, enemies are locked out of your fort Siege giants, when capped, kill forts really fast.
12:31PM A new world was the goal, we all know the heroes, but they wanted to set up something new.
12:31PM we're off! they're taking visual style, combining the three worlds into one

Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel
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