Diablo III: Gameplay Systems & Crusader Panel

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • The Crusader was a great choice to balance against Malthael
  • We wanted the Paladin back, but in a darker version. That's what become the Crusader
  • Knight in scarred armor, versus the Paladin's Knight in shining armor
  • Design of a new character begins with the silhouette
  • The shield is an important part of the character, also used as a melee weapon
  • Lots of concepts were drawn (see pictures below, after panel has ended)
  • After a lot of brainstorming the team decides on the pillars of the Crusader - big and bulky, cloth and shield
  • After concepts begins modeling. Once that is done the team goes into production
  • Several tier armors are shown
  • For animation everything begins with an idle pose
  • The flail's physics were specifically made to look very realistic
  • Shield Bash is showcased. The Crusader charges his shield and shoots out holy damage out of it
  • The Crusader loves to be up close and personal, but Diablo III already has 2 melee characters. That's why a strong ranged component was added
  • Wrath is the resource and it generates outside combat, but is also generating with Primary skills
  • Crusader won't be able to dual-wield, he needs a shield
  • He starts with 24 skills
  • Developers experimented with a skill like Zeal, but it didn't work too well. In Diablo 2 you had 2 skill buttons, but in Diablo 3 you have 6. You have utility skills, AoE and other things. Zeal demands you press only it. The visual was also hard to read
  • In the end though Zeal become a rune for Slash
  • Fist of Heavens felt so good that the developers still haven't made changes to it since its implementation. Literally its first version is in the game
  • Heaven's Fury's went through several iterations. The first version was constant beams shooting from the skies below the cursor. Second version was a single beam going after the cursor. The third version is AI controlled and simply follows enemies while the Crusader deals with other monsters
  • Steed Charge makes the Crusader dash super fast, on the back of a horse and looks quite awesome!
  • Blessed Hammer is a nice reminder that the Crusader is still at least somewhat related to the Paladin
The Other Classes
  • Barbarian's new skill is Avalanche. 30 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced with Fury spent
  • Wizard is getting a bit more love with the elements, up until now she had mostly Arcane skills
  • Arcane Orb now has a rune that makes it resemble Frozen Orb from Diablo II
  • Wizard's new skill is called Black Hole - sucks enemies inside of it. Nothing prepares a good Meteor like Black Hole
  • The Monk should be the fastest character on the battlefield.
  • Fists of Thunder's teleport is now baseline
  • Monk's New skill is Epiphany. Allows all melee attacks to teleport you to your opponent
  • Demon Hunters should feel a lot more ranged and use more traps
  • Demon Hunter's new skill is called Vengeance. Every attack you do fires more shots. Rockets, arrows, etc.
  • Witch Doctor's mechanics aren't 'all there'. One of the fantasies is to be a Pet class. Pets don't do enough damage though. Same goes for being a DoT class
  • One of his new passives is to make his DoTs last 5 minutes
  • Witch Doctor's new skill is Piranhas. Enemies affected will take more damage from all sources. Below the water's surface (of where Piranha's spawn) is actually a massive crocodile that swallows enemies whole
  • The new Artisan is the Mystic - she can Transmogrify and Enchant items
  • Enchanting lets you chose one property to reroll and offer 3 new, plus the same property, as a new roll
  • The Loot 2.0 philosophy is: Less is more, Items Support Builds, Rarity = Power
  • Smart Drop affects Item Type, Items Stats and Skill Affixes
  • Previously some rolls were 1-100 Strength (for example). Now the range is much lesser: 75-100
  • Item stats are now separated into Primary and Secondary. All items will have a fixed number of both. It's displayed on the tooltip
  • Legendary used to be hard to find in the game. Players wanted more of them, but really they just wanted them to be better
  • The new philosophy for the expansion is "endgame for everyone"
  • Legendary are still by far the most rare items, but are also the most powerful in RoS, by far
  • Legendary items will drop at the killed monster's level. If you kill a level 33 monster you can get a level 33 Legendary
  • All Legendaries are revamped in Loot 2.0
  • A lot of unique powers are given to them
  • Frostburn Gauntlets for example increased Cold skills damage by 27% and an effect - 50% chance to Freeze instead of slow enemies
  • "Grey" text comes up when you hold control over an item - it shows the max and min values of the stats on an item
  • Examples of new affixes -
    • Haroutunian Arm Guards - Every time you destroy a wreckable object, you gain a short burst of speed
    • Illusory Boots - you may move unhindered through enemies
    • Tiklandian Visage - Horrify causes you to Fear and Root enemies around you for 8 seconds
    • Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Chance on hit to blast your enemy with Lightning and slow its attack speed and movement speed; This effect jumps to additional enemies
    • Ninja Gloves and Ninja Boots (Set bonus): (2 pieces) - Your Spike Traps lure enemies to them; (4 pieces) Automatically cast Smoke Screen when you fall below 25% Life. This effect only occurs once every 30 seconds

How big is the item stat inflation?
It's a concern we might have in 8-9 years. We love big numbers.

Arcane Sanctuary from Diablo 2. Can it get some love?
We're not going back to the Arcane Sanctuary. Pandemonium Fortress has some aspects inspired from it. When you see the level you'll see a bunch of stuff in there.

In Diablo II character appearances changed if you complete an item set. Any plans to do so in D3?
We haven't talked about anything like that yet. It's not a terrible idea though, it might happen. Our focus right now is to make the set items and their bonuses feel as crazy as possible. It's totally possible we could add visual components

Warlords of Draenor Developer Q&A

Kompletan recap Pitanja i Odgovor očekujte uskoro!
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • The end of each expansion added a large character power level increase which was necessary at the time, but not necessary today. Item levels will remain the same, but item stats have been squished. Some players adapted to it instantly, while some took an hour to get used to it.
  • There aren't going to be any more guild levels or perks in WoD. There is no way to expand every system with every expansion. Going forward the team will try to compartmentalize the systems added in an expansion to the expansion they were added in. A good example of this is the farm added in MoP. Once WoD is released, you shouldn't have much of a reason to go back to MoP and work on your farm.
  • The guild system wasn't designed to make people want to be in a guild, as people generally already want to be in a guild, and almost everyone is in a guild. It was added to allow the game to recognize the accomplishments of guilds.
  • Flex mode was one of the improvements made to encourage players to get back to playing with friends, and WoD will add some more incentives.
  • The game has a Raid Browser that no one uses, so in WoD it will be expanded to support killing world bosses, doing achievements, finishing Shadowmourne, or any other activity. This will support cross realm groups and encourage people to do PuGs rather than completely random matchmaking.
  • The new Flex loot model will work similar to how Master Loot does today, but the number of drops will scale based on the number of people eligible for loot in the group. The personal loot system won't be removed, you will just have to opt in to it.
  • The number of drops will scale well with the number of players, as each additional player gives you a higher chance to get another drop, up to where it is guaranteed. This ensures that are no odd breakpoints that will restrict raid sizes.
  • The team hasn't decided how new character models will be released yet. It could have all of the completed race at launch, or they could be added every patch.
  • Most of Thrall's family is alive in Draenor. The Saurfangs may or may not appear, it hasn't been decided yet. The team can't use every single character that was in Draenor when telling the story, so they will focus on the core characters.
  • The new panels for Heirlooms and Toys will work similar to how pets and mounts do today, with some restrictions like Horde vs Alliance for a few things.
  • The old version of Outland will remain unchanged. The current timeline is already somewhat of a mess, so the team may just move access to the current Outland to the Caverns of Time.
  • The talent system will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. Some talents still need tweaks, but the overall system is working well.
  • Scenarios worked out well and they will be present in 6.0, but solid plans as to what they will be are not made yet. Heroic scenarios also worked out well.
  • The team talked about just having Valor and Conquest, as Justice wasn't useful. They also haven't decided if they will keep the Valor Upgrade system like we have today.
  • When Garrosh goes back, he spins off his own timeline. He is going to try and come back to our world, but his actions won't change our history.
  • The odds of World PvP happening right by the edge of someone's garrison should be fairly low, so phasing shouldn't be a big issue. The large World PvP zone will likely be where most people interested in World PvP end up.
  • You can technically buy as many level 90s as you want if you buy another copy of the game, get the level 90, and then transfer the character to your main account each time. The team has talked about putting a level 90 purchase option in the store, but it hasn't been decided yet.
  • You can invite other players to a party and invite them to your garrison, similar to how Ready Checks are done now. There will be some reasons to go and see other player's garrisons, mostly because it is fun to show off.
  • The 5.1 storyline combined with the Timeless Isle exploration is close to what we can expect for max level content.
  • The Item Squish will go live with 6.0.
  • Renaming the difficulties was done because it was odd to call the lowest difficulty something other than normal once multiple difficulties could scale with player number. Normal in 6.0 will be roughly as difficult as Flex is today.
  • It would be nice to give Mythic difficulty unique art for armor sets, but time amount of time required to make armor sets is too great to justify doing so.
  • The garrison will be involved with professions somehow, but plans aren't fully fleshed out yet.
  • The recipe UI part of the professions could use some work, so it is next on the list after the current tasks.
  • Catch up like the cooking and archaeology things that were added in MoP would be nice to have for all the professions.
  • The garrison has a limited number of spots for buildings, and each profession will require a building if you want that type of follower.
  • There will be a legendary questline again in WoD. The questline will be a little bit more custom to your class to help with the lack of class quests. Class quests are very resource intensive, so at most we might see one or two in WoD. (Maybe Shaman)
  • The development on and release date of games in the other Blizzard franchises hasn't had any impact on the delivery speed of WoW content.
  • Another MoP patch would delay WoD, so Patch 5.5 isn't going to happen. The entire team is working on WoD right now, so any more MoP content would slow down development.
  • There aren't any plans for another WoW Annual Pass. It was a good idea at the time because getting Diablo 3 free made it a good deal, but it isn't a good for the the D3 expansion.
  • The Enchanted Fey Dragon will be a store mount that is sold to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It will be sold alone or in a combo pack with another pet for the charity.
  • Monthly patches would be great, but it would be really hard. MoP made some progress towards doing this.
  • Level 100 felt better than Level 95 for a cap. Previously players also needed a new ability at every level, which limited the number of levels that could be added. Now with spell upgrades players can have 10 levels.
  • Leveling in WoD will be a fun and fast paced romp through the zones. The team is backing off the idea that leveling should be a long grind.
  • There aren't any plans for guild garrisons right now, but that can be revisited after the initial system is delivered and polished.
  • The Dark Iron dwarves will have a small story in the expansion.
  • We will find out what the Arakkoa were like when they had wings.
  • Ogres that we have seen so far aren't organized or as interesting as the ones we will see in the Ogre empire that is in decline in WoD.
  • There are no plans to improve the achievement UI for WoD release, but adding search and compare in the future is on the list.

The Evolving Sound of Warcraft

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Jason Hayes is back at Blizzard.
  • New character models will come with new character attack sounds.
  • There are only about six footstep sound surfaces now, but WoD will add many more.
  • There are also new creature sounds recorded with animals.
  • There are also new crafting and working sounds recorded with actual blacksmiths.
  • If you notice what the sound team is doing, they have failed in some way. The team wants to have less repetition in sounds going forward, so you aren't annoyed by hearing the same sound over and over.
  • Hunters were using transmog to avoid hearing gun sounds. The team was originally small and did the best they could with gun sounds. Hunters will be getting updated weapon sounds in WoD.
  • Mists of Pandaria enlisted even more sound actors to get all of the character voices sounding great.
  • Orc voices are hard to cast, but it will be a fun challenge.
  • Hearthstone had to be music from the same universe, but a different vibe than WoW has. It is a friendly and fun game, not an epic battle.
  • Hearthstone music is usually relaxed, but becomes more exciting when something big happens.
  • At one point Hearthstone had the crowd laugh at you when you lost, which wasn't very popular.
  • The biggest orchestra, the Pacific Symphony, was used for Diablo 3 music.

Blizzcon 2013 Day 1 Recap

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Reaper of Souls BlizzCon Lore i Story Q&A Panel

Lore i Story Q&A Panel je završen, a mi smo uspeli da vam prenesemo sva pitanja i odgovore.
Originally Posted by Blizzard
One of the things I wanted to see is a "failure cinematic". Like you fail to kill Malthael, do you see him destroy humanity?
I don't think we'll be able to do such thing as cinematics are expensive and time consuming. If we could do it in the expense of the opening cinematic? Don't wouldn't be cool. We are expericing with things that happen if you, but we can't talk about them yet.

In Sanctuary the main Barbarian is called Bul Kathos, however the Immortal King set mentions Worusk
He was a king by uniting the tribes. Bul Kathos was pretty much a semi-deity. Worusk guy come out a lot later and put the tribes together. He was given the tittle of Immortal King.

Where's Trang Oul?
There just hasn't been an appropriate place to introduce him. He has made an appearance since quite some time ago.

I was wondering if the Templar and Crusader differ in ideaology
They differ quite a bit. The Templar was from the order that came out of the Paladins. The Crusaders were created in the same time in the Order and went East. They disappeared into the Marshlands in the East and haven't been heard from a while ago. They chase their origins back to the early days of the Zacharum faith.

In Zoltun Kulle's archives are some coffins in the backgrounds, what do they contain?
Kulle was interested in a lot of different things. What you find around the archives is what's left over from his experiments.

At the end of Diablo II the Worldstone was shattered. Where is it?
The Worldstone as we know it was shattered into pieces. Where those pieces are and what has been done to them is unknown at this point. As far as we know it's gone.

We know that Demon + Angel = Human/Nephalem. If Tyrael gets rid of his angel-ness he appears human. Would you call Tyrael human?
He is not human, he's mortal. He chose the form of a human. He's always been on the side of the humans, has a lot of respect for humanity and really thinks humanity is the way to the future. Even during the cinematic between him and Imperius he tries to convince him to side with the humans. He is not Nephalem though. He is not part-demon.

The theme of Reaper of Souls is death and Decard Cain is a pretty big character. Is there going to be a reference to his life?
Absolutely, there's a lot of references to him in Reaper of Souls. He's a huge part of the Diablo universe and there's no way that this expansion can play out without hearing his voice and feeling his influence.

Decard Cain's death felt really premature. Is that to develop Leah's character more?
The reason we decided Decard Cain was going to pass on is to up the emotional stakes for everyone, including the player. It was to pass the torch from a storytelling standpoint. We meant for there to be a lot of drama and emotional depth

What is Imperius going to be doing in response to Malthael?
It's definitely a big deal in Heaven that this is happening. The factions will react in different ways. Imperius is not quite as big a fan of mortals as Tyrael is. He's going to be representative of this other perspective.

A lot of the classes in Diablo III have really long histories in Sanctuary but the Demon Hunters seem really new. What's their history?
The events of Diablo I and II started this tremendous effect on the world and the people living withing it. While you were trying to defeat Diablo other people took note, they gathered north to the Dreadlands and started training.

It's pretty clear that you guys have been inspired by a bit of Christianity when creating the story of Diablo. Have there been other religions you've took inspiration from?
There's two things. The Diablo universe as a whole and the Story of Diablo III and Reaper of Souls. Obviously it relies a lot on judeo-christian mythology, but there are things pulled from a lot of different religions. Like Monks for example. In terms of the narrative the Universe has taken a life of its own and the story is now drawing from the Universe itself. But in its creation there are definitely influence from all major religions

I really think of Diablo being similar to our world, but with magic, demons, fantasy. We could take things from our world and see what they look like in a darker setting.

Leah's soul. Tyrael alluded to the fact they could maybe save her. Are there plans to go back and maybe redeem her soul?
We're always trying to figure out how to share information with you without spoiling things so I'll just say that right now we don't have any plans to revisit Leah... She's definitely on our radar but we're not looking at doing anything with her right now

The Nephalem a race of powerful beings. Is there more than one Nephalem culture? Did their powers going away affect their culture?
When they realized their powers were failing they did panic.

The ancients were the first Nephalem like Bul Kathos. They had very different cultures that developed with different lines. They were raised by Angels and Demons so they did each have different cultures and that did influence the different parts of the world.

If you can imagine a race of people who begin at their Golden Age and everything goes down from there that's what happens after Inarius changed the Worldstone. It was a crushing development for them. Their powers were lost, their tradition was lost.

In Reaper of Souls you will see a bit more about their culture. In the lands through which you go you'll see some of their architecture. It's kind of weird and unknowable.

When it's first described in Diablo III you get a feeling that everybody knew about what was happening in the Worldstone. Living in different parts of the world and not having communications the different tribes thought different of their falling powers.

Monks and gods
Monks have gods for everything. The intention is that there are Gods of Order and Gods of Chaos. The religion of the Monk is that they have a small glimpse in the greater reality.

A lot of the different cultures interpret differently how the world was created.

What's going on with Adria?
Adria's very interesting. She's ticked us off a little bit with what she's done. We haven't forgot about her. Her time will come.

She's definitely still a disciple of Diablo.

Does the Angiris Council have the ability to reinstate Tyrael as an angel and would he have wiped the floor with Malthael?
If Tyrael was an angel during the cinematic he could've had more powers, but not wipe the floor with Malthael. As a member of the council Malthael was one of the most power angels but since he's transformations he has become much more powerful. He feeds on the souls of the dead. As he consumes the souls of the Horadrim in the cinematic he goes far above the other angels.

And about reinstating Tyrael as an angel?
No, I don't think the Angiris council has that ability necessarily.

What happens with the human souls after they're killed?
We haven't said where souls go and I think for the moment we're not going to explore that too much. I don't think we're ready to reveal the ultimate destination for human souls. But with the advent of Malthael a lot of souls haven't gone where they were supposed to. You'll see that in the beginning of Reaper of Souls as his minions steal and consume the souls of people.

In the Diablo series the hero doesn't get much love. In Diablo I he sticks a stone into his head, etc. I wonder what happens with the hero in Diablo II?
We haven't said what happens to every class specifically, but generally speaking when you face the Prime Evils it's tiring and you then pass it on to the next generation.

One of the things that we struggle with is that we can't show your character in the cinematic. We can show the origin at the beginning, but once you start equipping your character we want to make sure when they appear on screen to know that it's your character.

At one point, and we haven't announced it, the Barbarian was supposed to be the Barbarian from Diablo II. But as we went with development we had to explain so much compared to the other classes, that we decided to make it a new Barbarian.

Covetus Shen - anymore plans for him or background to add?
Absolutely, yes.

He's indeed a very mysterious character. We love our side-characters and we definitely plan to go in more detail with their background stories. There are even going to be some adventure you can go with your Followers. You'll get to find about more about Eirena and the Prophet and what happened with her sisters. Covetus is looking for that jewel...

The Templar is also upset with the Order and wants to do something about it.

Kingsport - when are we going to see it?
You're going to go to Westmarch, which is very, very close to Kingsport. Unfortunately you're very busy, but the Scoundrel will surely mention a few things about it.

The End of Days prophecy. It is entirely dualistic in meaning isn't it? Could it be Tathamet behind it all?
Prophecies are always multilayered by nature. As events happen people go "oh so that's what it meant". I would say Death spreading his wings is pretty indicative of Malthael but there could be a lot more, for sure.

Are you guys writing the rest of the story based on the Prophecy?
The events of the story are influenced by the people who are living that story. What's particularly forceful is the player's character. He's not going to let events happen as they're supposed to.

Is Inarius still alive?
Last I heard he was still being tortured in Hell. I'm sure someone has been looking after him.

Is Zoltun Kulle's moral ambiguity intentional?
At the basic level it comes down to whether or not you think that giving him the key to ruling the world is right or not. At certain times you really think "he has a point, he seems cool". He thinks angels and demons don't have our best interest in heart. But does he?

At the end of Diablo III you see the Black soulstone fall into Heaven and at the beginning of Reaper of Souls you see Tyrael pick it up in Heaven. How?
Heaven is tiered place, so it might've looked like it was falling somewhere else, but it did fall back on Heaven. The angels retrieved it and they brought it into the council chamber. We actually have a novel coming out that will detail the journey of Tyrael reforming the Horadrim and carrying the soulstone.

The Book of Tyrael was recently launched and was really good. At the end there's an encyclopedia that lists a lot of different characters. That's the first time some are mentioned like Morbad(?)
He'll be appearing in an upcoming fiction of Reaper of Souls.

When Tyrael ripped his wings off and became human. Can the entire council 'dewing'?
We had a long discussion about that. The wings was more of a symbolic gesture. He needed to lose them to become mortal, but it was simply symbolic. It wasn't the cause of it.

Are we revisiting the Pandemonium Fortress in Diablo II?
Yes. We'll actually revisit the Fortress. It is a constantly changing structure. It has been owned by angels and demons so who ever controls it "remodels" it. It's a mystical place, it reflects the appearance of its current owner. We will be going back to the Fortress but it will not look like the Fortress in Diablo II.

Since Tyrael made the soulstone for the Horadrim is there a reason when the amber soulstone shattered Tyrael can't just remake it?
The original soulstones were made from the Worldstone, but there's no more Worldstone. Also he didn't really have time to do that. They had to act really fast.

When Tyrael shed his wings why hasn't a new Archangel of Justice formed from the Arch?
We haven't really explored yet what this means that he become a mortal but is still a member of the council. Was he still Justice until he declared himself Wisdom? When an angel dies a replacement is not instantly born. I believe it has to achieve alignment. It's not instant. Also Tyrael wouldn't die, he's just transformed into a different being. It's a completely unprecedented thing.

He's no longer the Archangel of Justice, but he's still the Aspect of Justice.

In Act I where Leah sees skeletons, but doesn't believe in demons?
Because we live in a world where I don't run into angels and demons and skeletons I take them as a whole thing. But if you did live in a world where these things exist you'd accept them as a normal part of the world.

The bigger issue is that she didn't believe in this over arching angels vs demons things. She studies with Decard, but her and a lot of other people just believe it's a chaotic universe.

At the end of Diablo II the player destroys the soulstones, how did the lords come back?
Adrias has spent 20 years setting that up.

No one really knows what the Abyss is and the belief was once you send something there it never comes back. Adria has been going around searching for knowledge and figuring out a way to bring their souls back. So she finally did.

In the intro to Heroes of the Storm we see Tyrael with Kerrigan. If he can't handle Malthael can he handle Kerrigan?
Since it's its own universe the things that happen there will not be cannon in their respective universes.

I think Tyrael can take Kerrigan.

They may be links between Adria and Belial? Is there something like that? That Belial might be Adria and things like that.
Nope. You defeated Belial for sure.

Reaper of Souls BlizzCon Preview

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Adventure Mode
  • Adventure mode will unlock the entire game and player will have access to everything at any time
  • All the waypoints for all Acts are unlocked
  • The sub-features are Bounties and Nephalem Rifts
  • Bounties make you hunt monsters all over Sanctuary
  • Nephalem Rifts is all about randomization. Example Act III and Act IV creatures are fighting you in Whimsyshire
  • Nephalem Rifts have random weather. For example you can see Caldeum at night.
  • Bounties will take you through all bosses, events, side-dungeons. You need to hunt monsters anywhere in
  • 25 Random bounties at the start of the game. You can still do everything else, but the Bounties are a nice bonus.
  • Bounty types:
    • Kill a boss
    • Complete an event
    • Kill a Unique monster
    • Clear a dungeon
  • All Unique monsters for Bounties will be found around the world, instead of their usual places in the game
  • Bounties reward gold and experience and a Rift Keystone
Nephalem Rifts
  • Loot Runs are now Nephalem Rifts
  • Everything is random and from all Acts - terrain, monsters, bosses
  • Monster density is very random
  • 1-10 level dungeons
  • You can start in the Cathedral, to a Zoltun Kulle dungeon, to an exterior area
  • There will be random buffs in Nephalem Rifts
  • Bosses are random and their powers and abilities will be randomized
New Monsters and Behaviors
  • Summoner - defiles the ground under it and raises ghosts
  • Death Maiden - cutting heads off Westmarsh defenders
  • Punisher - heavy shock trooper, smashing enemies with his massive fists
  • Boggit - the Fallen equivalent in Bloodmarsh
  • Boggen Trapper - bigger cousin of Boggit
  • Brute - biggest of the Bogg family
  • Scarab Swarm - crawls out of everywhere and overwhelms the player. The player can also through them, instead of get stuck
  • Monsters live very short lives, so it's important that it's clear what they do when you see them
  • Skeleton Archers need to turn around and run in order to avoid dying. Instead they now backup without turning their back
  • Brutes throw Boggits on the field and then charge the player
  • Terrorbat picks up Boggits, bites them and they turn to Brutes. In turn, Brutes spawn Boggits and bats can pick the new Boggits
  • Realm Walkers spawn monsters from other realms. When it dies it overloads and explodes. He looses control of the portal, which the player can then enter and see the realm the monsters were spawning from
  • Trapper Tower - monsters are up on a tower and they shoot at the player and throw traps. When the tower dies the monsters die in their own traps
  • Exorcist -- he charges himself with electricity and shoots the player with lightning
  • Westmarch Hound - treats the player with a chew toy. Grabs him in its mouth and chews him up
  • If the hound kills the player it "marks" him as its territory
  • Pandemonium is the Eternal Battlefield where Angels and Demons fight their conflicts. It constantly changes inhabitants
  • Pandemonium is the end zone and end of humanity - if Maltael succeeds
  • There were a lot of different early concepts of the zone (which you'll be able to see once we upload pictures!)
  • It's very dark and otherwordly
  • Features ancient angel architecture
  • Malthael's domain is in Pandemonium
Level Design
  • Fully randomized exteriors for Pandemonium
  • Direction and flow are completely random in both Campaign and Adventure mode
  • Battles Frozen in Time are places where the player can see old battles... Frozen in Time
  • There are traps all over the place left from Demons and Angels
Reaper of Souls Preview Panel Q&A

What's going on with the Ladder system?

Stay tuned.

What are you going to do to affect the flood of gold with the removal of the AH?
We have new gold sinks coming. Enchaing is a big one. New and better Blacksmith recipes are also coming. Those are just a couple of the gold sinks.

Are all the previous areas getting to be in Adventure mode?
All Acts will be playable in Adventure mode. Nephalem Rifts will bring a lot of life to the assets of the previous Acts.

Offline Mode?
Since its inception Diablo has been designed to be played Online. It's important to have the social connection with friends. Clans and groups are also a major part of the gameplay.

The dog is going to be horrid for Hardcore players. Thank you!

With the removal of the Auction House what, if any, sort of trading model will you put in place?
We're still in the process of figuring out what Trading means in Diablo. Finding items should be the best and most satisfying way to find items.

Bosses are always typically static. Have you thought about moving them around, like in hallways?
In Nephalem Rifts that's exactly what happens. The boss is in the level with the monsters. If you're fighting an Elite pack and a boss comes you have to deal with all of that.

What are you plans for PvP?
A week doesn't go by without Steven asking what are we doing about PvP. For Reaper of Souls the focus has been on the core gameplay. The promise of epic loot. When we sort out the core we'll figure out PvP.

At the beginning of the first Act there are so many side-dungeons that add variety to the game, but gradually they become less and less. Will there be more?
We feel that players tend to want the game to end faster the more they progress, so the Acts become shorter. Bounties will also increase the variety quite a lot in Adventure mode.

I've lost a few characters to lag spikes. Is there any architectural improvement to prevent DC deaths?
We look at each and every report we get. Australia has quite a lot of such issues and we're trying everything to solve these issues.

Heroes of the Storm Overview Panel

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Heroes of the Storm
  • The game is about involving the Blizzard Heroes and playing with friends.
  • Warcraft 3 was when things really took off.
  • The WC3 editor and the new game mechanics were important in allowing players to create MOBA style games.
  • WC3 added lots of new art for players to use in the editor.
  • Blizzard originally made the feature rich tools for themselves, but players took them and made some awesome content.
  • The SC2 editor was a powerful tool, so the team took it and made a game with it. The feedback was positive and the team wanted to work on it some more.
  • The art made for Blizzcon was the basis for involving all of the different Blizzard universes.
  • Hearthstone is important to Heroes of the Storm because it captures the fun and essence of Warcraft in a card game. The Heroes team wants to do the same kind of thing with all the Blizzard universes in Heroes of the Storm.
  • Making Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft all fit together in the same game isn't too hard, Orcs have been standing next to demons for a long time.
  • Playing Arthas has to feel like you are in control of one of the most deadly heroes ever to exist. He can steal the souls of enemies he kills and have them follow him into battle.
  • You can choose your own Heroic Ability currently in Heroes.
  • Heroes lets the team go back and use characters from the past before they were changed, like Arthas.
  • Elite Tauren Chieftain also appears in Heroes. He can move quickly and heal himself. Stage Dive is his heroic ability, allowing him to jump on the enemy from out of nowhere. He also can force everyone to stop and dance briefly.
  • Abathur from SC2 also appears in Heroes. He can jump inside any friendly hero from far away, allowing him to shoot abilities from inside them. On his own he isn't dangerous at all.
  • Heroes have different skins that are as simple as color variations or entirely different models. (Diablo + Murloc, Starcraft Uther, Judgement Armor Uther)
  • Games last twenty minutes.
  • There are team levels rather than hero levels. This makes support heroes and specialist heroes viable options.
  • Battlegrounds provide opportunities to play with friends and a variety of gameplay settings. Maps can be taken out of the matchmade game rotation and new maps added.
  • Blackheart's Bay requires you to find chests, attack them, collect the coins. You take the coins to Blackheart. Other players are treasure goblins, carrying coins and trying to avoid you.
  • The Haunted Mines requires you to kill the undead underground and collect their skulls in a PvP/PvE dungeon. There is a boss that has a lot of skulls, so there is a big teamfight around him usually. Once all the skulls are collected, a golem appears for each team. The size of the golem depends on how many skulls you collect. They move across the map and smash things, so you have to choose to defend your or go and attack the oncoming golem. Wherever the golem dies is where it respawns next time it comes to life. Your team wants to keep it far away from your base.

  • Two or three teamfights doesn't usually make the game unless the teams are very unbalanced.
  • Communication is important with how much of an impact strategy will have on the game outcome. Playing with friends is going to provide a better experience than playing with PuGs. The devs are going to try and make communication as easy as possible though.
  • The mounts in the game allow a team to group up quickly and move quickly out of combat.
  • Individual skill is nice, but you won't be able to make your hero much more powerful than anyone else. This game is about playing with a team, not an individual.
  • More customization beyond talents or powers will be looked at in the future.
  • Heroes will have competitive play, but becoming an e-sport will be up to the community.

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