Heroes of the Storm State of the Game Blizzcon 2015 Panel

Na Heroes of the Storm State of the Game Panelu govorilo se o Overpower herojima, balans aplikacijama koje blizzard koristi, bugovima, velikim problemima i matchmaking sistemu.
Originally Posted by Blizzard 
Who's considered Overpowered right now?
  • Lili and Murky have the highest win ratios.
  • Lili has seen increased win ratio due to heroes like Thrall and Raynor being picked more often.
  • Murky has had a high win ratio for a year now. So even though he isn't picked often in competitive, he isn't the highest priority right now.
Recap 2015
  • Technical Alpha > Beta > Launch on June
  • First year for E-Sports on Heroes - Heroes of the Dorm (nationally broadcast and vert big) and Road to Blizzcon Tournaments
  • 11 new heroes added this year - 43 total heroes!
  • 4 new battlegrounds - 9 total!
Balance Tools & Their Uses
  • The win ratio they strive for Heroes to have is 45-55%.
  • Heroes like Lost Vikings are at the top, while Abathur and Stitches are more towards the bottom.
  • Talent pick and win ratio are also an important indicator of hero balance.
  • Tournaments and E-Sports serve to identify the future meta beforehand - very important to determine necessary balance changes!
  • Player Feedback is another tool for game balance - Forums, Reddit, Twitter. So keep sending your feedback!
Big Issues
  • Kerrigan - melee assassin, initiator for her team, all-in aspect getting in the middle of enemies and bolstering her survivability.
    • She had an extremely low talent diversity - with even low win rates for less picked talents.
    • Improved Talent Diversity - by sharpening her role, giving her build options, and making her viable in competitive play.
    • Changed 8 talents, cut 4 previous ones, created 3 new ones - much improved talent diversity!
  • Uther - melee support, has lots of burst healing, very strong and complete kit. Very stable win rate (across most skill levels) at 50% win ratio.
    • BUT he's always picked or banned in competitive games.
    • They believe his strongest trait is to "disrupt coordination". Which is what competitive play is about.
    • Divine Shield - cooldown from 70 to 90 seconds.
    • Eternal Devotion - ghost duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds.
    • They are meant to be minor changes, to bring him down a notch. They don't want to overdo it!
  • Cho'Gall
    • Two-headed hero, controlled by two players. One player is the warrior Cho, who controls the movement, and the other is the assassin Gall, who's responsible for the damage and combo'ing his abilities for maximum impact.
    • They cannot balance based on a previous template like with Greymane or Lunara. They don't have a "two heroes in one" template.
    • Playtesting games with Cho'Gall often ended in a snowball, either in favor and against him. Early game advantage / lead grows out of control.
    • Really hard to balance because he's 2-in-1. If he's ahead then he can wreck havok really easily, and if he's behind he can be picked off and the team immediately loses TWO heroes!
  • Scaling Changes
    • 65% of the games are really close! (only decided towards the end) ... they wanted more of this.
    • Cho'Gall helped them realize that scaling was an issue, and what lead to snowballs - hence why they implemented the "Test Map" released on Morales patch.
    • Benefits
      • Players can still fight while behind!
      • Roles were sharpened. Your character feels like what they're supposed to be from the start.
      • Wins feel more meaningful. It doesn't feel like you're stomping other teams.
    • Consequences
      • Early game matters less - which lead to "increased death timers".
      • Takedowns should be a "power play", which gives you map control and allow you to take objectives more easily.
  • This is all coming with the Cho'Gall update in a couple weeks!
Future Balance Updates
  • Gazlowe Updates
    • Improve E-Sports viability.
    • Enhance his zone control.
    • Couple crazy ideas (not sure if they will make it): talent that makes your turrets shoot a laser while you're charging yours; another crazy idea is an active that he starts throwing scraps around and he has to run around and pick them up.
  • Nova Updates
    • Improve talent diversity.
    • She walks a thin line (balance) between casual vs competitive.
    • Increased skill cap on her skills/talents - one of the ideas being analyzed is "if you land a Snipe, it increases the dmg of your next Snipe by a %".
  • Tychus Updates
    • Increase his win rate - it's kinda low now.
    • If they're only going to make him stronger (flat buffs) he might simply push aside other assassins (Valla, Raynor).
    • They want him to be a Unique assassin on his own.
    • Might become a "tank buster" assassin.
Matchmaking & Online Updates
  • 80% of their games are "even" on their matchmaker. That means the MMR numbers are at least well paired.
  • 65% of the games are at least close on levels.
  • 20%~ are launched with the matchmaker knowing that the match is not very well paired.
  • These are averages, but may vary from player to player. Some player might experience a 95-5% variation, while another experiences bad matches 50% of the time.
  • Improvements in 2015
    • Early on for New Users, MMR was inflated (slightly more than "bottom"). They didn't get matched by games played. Now both factors are fixed!
    • New User win ratio was 38%, which is bad. Now after changes, it's 48%.
    • Rank was a combination of skill and games played - now there are more placement matches, where rank reflects player skill.
  • Rebuilding the Matchmaker
    • The original matchmaker came from Starcraft 2 - but the two games are very different! It's much harder to put together a "fair" match in Heroes due to variation.
    • Old system builds games quickly, takes into account the thousands of players searching for a match, then starts swapping players to find a "good match". Complicated system that doesn't work when they add rules (similar matchups, parties, not having a support).
    • The new 10 minute limit (up from 6) does not help that scenario! That's why people are still experiencing bad matches.
  • New System
    • Builds games to be good. Relies less on player swapping around. Creates a queue!
    • On simulations the new system looks much better.
    • They WANT to release it over the next couple weeks. They cannot promise it, but that's the plan. It's their TOP PRIORITY right now!
  • 2016 Goals / Fixes
    • Improve MMR accuracy.
    • Mirror team composition in quick match (not same heroes, but same categories).
    • They have months of data for calculating "Team MMR".
    • Use match performance to adjust MMR.
    • Per Hero MMR adjustment.
  • Ranked Play
    • Their original system was a mix of Starcraft + Hearthstone.
    • The current system is a little bit too harsh. If they want to be accurate (MMR), you're always prone to dropping in ranks.
    • Right now there's not enough transparency for players (why they ranked up or dropped in ranks).
  • Death Recap Screen - likely coming early next year! Will contain heals and shields too!
  • Bans were tested throughout this year on competitive, and the devs loved it. Also coming very soon!
  • Grandmaster League
  • Talent Gating (requiring hero or account level to unlock talents) = removed.
  • Free Hero Rotation from 7 to 10 heroes.


  • They don't really manipulate players' perception on things. If the community tells them a hero is weak or strong, they might wait to either see if the community figures it out, or wait for the community to just PROVE the devs wrong. Both cases are a win-win scenario for them.
  • The decision to remove 3-4 parties from Hero League was based on the intention to improve the matchmaker - sort of a defensive stance from them. Ideally they want such a good matchmaker that they can re-add 3/4-player parties back to Hero League. Or maybe do an unranked draft.
  • On Twitch viewership and sheer game popularity - the devs are aware of that, and everything they do (new features, heroes, matchmaker changes) is with the intent of improving the game and making it better.

World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems

Mnogo informacija naučili smo danas sa World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems Blizzcon 2015 panela. Puno detalja o tome kako Artifacts sistem funkcioniše, Class Halls, Demon Hunter klase, Profesije i Itemizacija.
Originally Posted by Blizzard
  • The Deadwind Harvester - Purged the life from Deadwind Pass, for Affliction Warlocks. Get together with Council of Black Harvest, steal some information about artifacts from the Legion. Go to Deadwind Pass, under Karazhan! Every time you kill something, you get a damage boost for a short time. Souls try to escape and you can reap the damage boost effect.
  • Artifact power comes from quest bosses, rare spawns, rare drops, dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arenas.
  • Artifact traits are unlocked by artifact power. You start with some traits unlocked. You first unlock active traits that you put on your bar.
  • After the active trait there are more choices, some of them passive. Minor traits have multiple ranks, you have to unlock them all to progress into the tree.
  • Eventually you can unlock every trait in the tree, but it will takes months into the expansion. You can keep getting smaller power increases after that, so weapon will get more powerful throughout the expansion.
  • Relics can be socketed into the artifact to increase power. Increases item level and gives bonus ranks to some traits. Go from 3 to 4 or 5 ranks in a trait, giving you some customization.
  • Two types of relics for each weapon.
  • You can eventually upgrade your artifact. Dungeon and world content lead up to a big upgrade moment. Upgrade will unlock a new model.
  • You can also get other models from different types of gameplay, as well as different colors.
  • Finish questing zones or do something that is significant to your weapon.

Class Halls
  • Class halls needed to be in a location that strongly represents the class. You should feel like your class when you are in that space.
  • Some Warriors see themselves are a barbarian or berserker, some as a knight fighting for what is right, some as a grizzled veteran. All of them should feel at home in that space.
  • Class Orders are stepping up to fight the Legion.
  • Druids almost had a class hall already with Moonglade. It gets pretty close to meeting the criteria, welcoming a variety of druids, but it could do a better job of immersing them in nature, welcoming feral and guardian druids more.
  • Druids are getting the Dreamgrove, you can feel the influence of the Dream around you. No other classes are allowed in. It fits better than Moonglade.
  • You will find a shrine in your class hall to unlock traits and work with your Artifact.
  • Class champions are also found in your class hall. Some of them are leaders of their own factions. You will unfold their backstory over time and see them in the world.
  • You will interact with your Scouting Map in your class hall. It lets you select your starting leveling zone and you come back to it for new content later on.
  • There is class specific content in the halls, such as demon hunting quests or pickpocketing quests.
  • There are lots of features and bonuses in the halls. Some are shared among many classes, such as armor stands to show off tier sets you have earned from previous content.
  • Hunters have a lodge in Highmountain, getting access to special flight path network no one else has.
  • Druids can reach many other natural places in the world very quickly.
  • Warriors can spar in an arena for bragging rights.
  • Every class will have their own variation of Death Gate to quickly go to their class hall and back. Giant eagle that takes you for hunters.

Demon Hunter
  • Demon Hunters are a dark hero, giving up their soul to fight a threat that most people don't even know exists.
  • Use weapons of the enemy against them, warglavies, fel magic, sculpted biceps.
  • You can select your horns, blindfold, tattoos, custom skin textures, plus normal customization options.
  • New VO for Demon Hunters, things like /train, /flirt, /silly.
  • Havoc is the melee spec with emphasis on mobility. Fight fire with more fire!
  • They use fury, generated by abilities, somewhat like rage.
  • Demon's Bite - Generates random amount of fury.
  • Chaos Strike - Does not consume fury, but requires you to have some.
  • Throw Glaive - No fury cost, short cooldown, no minimum range, hit multiple targets.
  • Blade Dance - Talent that might become a skill.
  • Double Jump adds mobility.
  • Glide is like your own goblin glider, with demon wings! Activated by jump key, no other keybind.
  • Other damaging abilities may not require a target and can be done in the air. Can use them to move outside of combat.
  • Consume Magic - Interrupt someone and gain a full bar of fury.
  • Metamorphosis - Leap in the air, transform, slam into ground, stun everyone, get more damage, more fury, 100% life leech. Gain defense through offense.
  • Spectral Sight - 10 sec cooldown, see through invisibility, stealth, walls.
  • Vengeance - Demon inquisitor. Extracting information from the enemy by using fire and inflicting pain. Also have picked up some protective spells. Maybe glaives and parry.
  • Strong defensive cooldown Metamorphosis. Lots of modifications through talents and Artifacts.

  • Immersive - You should feel like everything you do is involved with class. Abilities, names, animations.
  • Distinct - Every class and spec should have something unique.
  • Empowering - Your character is powerful, total control over what you are doing, use abilities the way you want to use them.
  • Death Knight runes restricted gameplay, so there are now 6 runes, one type, don't worry about what types are off cooldown anymore.
  • Fury Warrior is controlled by how many charges you have of different things. Use Enraging Blow as much as you want. Use Whirlwind, don't worry about Meat Cleaver.
  • Arcane Charges are a resource in addition to mana rather than a buff to monitor.
  • Arcane has a strong fantasy that you really didn't feel while playing. The mana management could ruin things. New mastery - Savant, increases the amount of mana you have. Mana level doesn't matter anymore. Also increases charges damage.
  • Survival Hunter - Melee spec with pet side by side, all of the old abilities are back and awesome.
  • Disc Priest - were a different flavor of Holy, but not good enough. Atonement is now core healing mechanic, now heal by dealing damage to enemies.
  • Subtlety Rogue - Had a really cool ninja fantasy. Shadow Dance was pretty cool, but it is now a passive. 20% chance to re enter stealth that doesn't break from taking damage. Can figure out what you want to do, new opener, combos, finisher, repeat.
  • Shadow Strike - Teleport to target, do Ambush level damage opener.
  • Honor Among Thieves gone
  • Demonology should be about summoning demons, not becoming one. More new minions, buff them and send them out to attack. Metamorphosis is for Demon Hunters.
  • Guardian Druid should be a giant bear, not dodging. Now about increased health, armor, survivability.
  • Shadow Priest - was poor cousin of Affliction warlock. Tapping into the void. Insanity - No more mana or Shadow Orbs, going more insane. Grow tentacles, transform into Void Form. Makes you more and more powerful the longer you stay there. Can only stay there for so long, Insanity drains away, keep generating as much as you can.
  • Talents will have less theme rows, more meaningful choices, more spec specific talents, hundreds of new talents!

  • More stuff to do!
  • Recipes all coming from the trainer is gone. You should get out into the world and carve your own path, go on adventures.
  • Tailoring sends you to Dalaran, wants to know what cloth is like in Broken Isles. You go get some cloth, sew with her, make a robe, cloth is falling apart and not working. Go out into the world, meet a Nightfallen who helps you with sewing problem, teaches you more patterns, find out why he was exiled, why he is so good at tailoring.
  • Miners learn from a dead Tauren. More efficiently mining new materials like Leistone, new Ore.
  • Mining and Herb nodes will be shared. Everyone can gather from a node, no more stealing nodes.
  • Recipes have ranks, 1-3 star recipes. Rare, make you more efficient at crafting things. Less materials, shorter cooldown.
  • Profession UI getting an update, bigger window, list on the left, details on the right, favorites at the top.
  • Learned and Unlearned tab, so you can see what you don't know and where to find them.
  • Obliterum. Build a big forge in the middle of Dalaran, convert crafted items you don't need anymore into Obliterum. Create ring, it has the wrong stats, destroy it and make Obliterum, use it to increase power of the ring you are wearing.
  • Lots of things to do with professions, shouldn't be running out of content.
  • Crafted gear should be special, helms are made out of gun parts. Shoot bullets at enemies with your head. Necks from JCs have guaranteed gem slot. Class specific buffs, 15% move speed for Warrior when enraged.
  • Inscription - Major glyphs are gone! Still have Minor Glyphs and Darkmoon Trinkets. Glyphs are a consumable, applied directly to the spell. One glyph per spell, but no limit on total glyphs! Vantus Rune - Week long buff that targets a specific boss. 10% bonus damage on Xavius.
  • Archaeology - Expansion length campagin over several months, lots of cool things to display, wear, equip, pets.
  • Cooking - Gnomie comes from Pandaria, more recipes, can make bacon
  • Fishing - More like an adventure, less what are you watching on your other monitor.

  • Used to have rare world drops, they are back.
  • Rare drops, from anywhere in the world.
  • Power should be relevant throughout the entire expansion.
  • Unique effects - Role, Class, Spec based effects. Movement speed increase based on haste, extra rage from blocked attacks, etc.
  • World drops are legendary! - DoT has a chance to trigger full remaining effect each time they tick.
  • Lots of world drop variety.
  • Drops aren't fully random, will have ways for you to target them.
  • All of the Legion items can scale, could be the best item in the game (super rare).
  • Duplicate personal loot can now be traded. If you have an item that is equal to or less than power level of what you have, can trade it to anyone else who was eligible for loot.
  • Transmog - Clean up bank and inventory some more. More customization. A collection system.
  • Wardrobe - As soon as item is bound to you, appearance is unlocked. Once it is unlocked, you can get rid of it. Account wide! Have to be able to equip item to unlock it.
  • New transmog UI - Left side is the same as the old one, right side is visual gallery of models. Top has a bar that shows you how many appearances you have unlocked.
  • Outfits - Make item sets, store what you look like now, link outfits to other people even if everything isn't unlocked.
  • When you log in to Legion, all of the items you have are unlocked, as well as items from every quest you have ever completed, including items you didn't even pick.
  • Save different outfits per spec. Switch set when you switch specs.
  • You can hide slots (cloak / helm / shoulders) per outfit.
  • Hiding shoulders allowed!
  • Weapon enchants, shirts, and tabards for transmog!
World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems                                                                                                                             

Hearthstone - Tavern Brawl i Q&A Blizzcon 2015 Panel

Drugi dan Blizzcon 2015 je počeo otvaranjem panela za Hearthstone - Tavern Brawl! Panel sadrži dosta informacija, kao i koji novi Tavern Brawl nas očekuje. Naravno tu je bilo i dosta vremena da publika postavi par pitanja u vezi novog adventure moda The League of Explorers.

Originally Posted by Blizzard 

Tavern Brawls!

  • Tavern Brawls are weekly content. Its there to give players variety between expansion launches.
  • Tavern Brawls need to be fun. You want to keep playing because you love it.
  • When they first discussed Tavern Brawls, they wanted to do a ranked ladder, including a legend rank.
  • They didn't go with the ranked ladder so people don't feel pressured to play it for rewards but instead play it just because they want to.
  • Build your own deck brawls are exciting for people who want to innovate since it changes the value of your collection.
  • They've learned a lot from the pick your own class tavern brawls.
    • A deck of just 30 minions wasn't very fun. Adding some random spells into the mix to fix that.
    • All pick your class tavern brawls will use both minions and spells.
  • Individual premade tavern brawls can appeal to different people and that's okay.
  • They've released 21 brawls so far.
  • The graph (see below) shows the amount of games played for each brawl.
  • They will continue to improve upon brawls, including making new types.
  • They've learned players like to really play with new cards with a new expansion launches, so they'll try to do stuff with the new cards when a new expansion launches, but maybe not all the time.

Individual Brawls

  • Randomonium is the most popular brawl yet. But don't worry, they'll continue to innovate.
  • They think Randomonium was the most popular because games were quick, you got to play with cards you may not have, and you can play strong stuff early on.
  • People really like Encounter at the Crossroads because its helpful to complete class quests.
  • The Webspinner brawl came into existence because of feedback during the Naxx adventure.
  • Ragnaros vs Nefarian will be coming back next week. Nefarian will start with one less mana crystal.
  • The Summoning Stone was created due to the popularity and fun of The Great Summoner's Competition.
    • Summoning Stone was originally Shaman only, but it was more fun as Neutral.
  • They tried to launch Captain Blackheart's Treasure a week ago to show off the Discover mechanic.
    • This will launch is about 3 weeks.

The Mechazod Co-Op Brawl

  • We saw the first co-op tavern brawl this week, they've received lots of great feedback for it.
  • This was the most difficult brawl to create yet.
  • They didn't have time to re-engineer the game to make the first co-op brawl very different from regular play, because they wanted to get it out this year.
  • Thats why Mechazod floats between the sides of the board rather than having his own space.
  • They tried many different placements for Mechazod.
    • Middle of the board doesn't work, there's no room for it.
    • They tried the center column, and players wouldn't be able to play minions there.. that was awkward.
    • The top corner was also discussed.
  • They didn't have all the things in place to stop things like Equality, Hunter's Mark against Mechazod, so they went with creating premade decks for the brawl.
  • Premade decks promote working together with the synergy given to you. Really good for playing with friends.
  • There are algorithms in place to make the brawl less random, but not entirely.
    • For example, he won't just cast overclock every single turn, then he'd never attack.
  • If Lorewalker stayed in played too long, the game got out of hand. That's why Lorewalker Cho dies after one turn to the Kill the Lorewalker card.

Q&A Period

  • Yong Woo, Ben Brode, and Pat Nagle have now joined Mike Donais on stage.
  • Pat Nagle works on Tavern Brawls!
  • Ben Brode helps with content design and creative direction!
  • Yong Woo is the producer. What does he do? He works with the team to figure out whats the most important for the team and works on their schedules to make sure stuff "happens correctly".
  • They think a lot about randomness in the game and recent experiments with cards has taught them a lot.
  • They like when you are guaranteed to get something via RNG, such as with Webspinner or Shredder.
  • One of the concerns players have is with accessibility as the game ages.
  • They have a designer on the team dedicated to new player experience.
  • There is a special queue just for brand new accounts where they play only with other new players for a little bit.
  • Tavern Brawls have been a nice way to give newer players more cards for their collections. It may be slow, but it's something to help.
  • Uh oh, question about arena golden cards.
  • Brode has been asking to see his collection's golden cards in the arena since forever.
  • They're working on so many other awesome things, having your golden cards in the arena isn't something they've gotten to work on yet.
  • "Lets get it done!" - Ben Brode 2015
  • Having a chat with your opponent during a co-op tavern brawl when playing with a random person isn't something they're opposed to.
  • They made the tavern brawl card pack reward from co-op require just playing the game instead of winning due to the communication issue.
  • Maybe they can let you add each other as friends before the game begins.
  • They like to create build around cards, especially when they encourage you to use weaker cards. Mysterious Challenger.
  • They're watching Mysterious Challenger closely.
  • Now with Patron Warrior out of the way, players can make decks to fight against secret paladin.
  • They like the variety in having quests that progress at different rates.
  • They try to split releasing content from releasing features to limit the risk with huge patches.
  • They have a couple of patches planned before the content release after The League of Explorers.
  • They don't think doing a baseline amount of certain tribes in each expansion is needed. Its more fun to mix it up.
  • They will continue to explore new mechs.
  • With the way the hearthstone service is setup, its  difficult to  have your collection travel with you.
  • They really like the idea of tournaments in the game, but they aren't sure what exactly tournaments would be. They do talk about it though.
  • They're working on deck slots.
  • Brode wants to put some kind of marker on heroes which shows you have an active quest for them so you don't need to keep going back and forth to the quest log to confirm which quest(s) you have.
  • Huge Toad - Name came from a QA analyst named Hugh Tod. Friend of Brode.
  • They wanted to add more rewards of Classic Packs to help catch people up on the collection.
  • Not a ton of super positive feedback with the arena pack reward, they're looking at it still.
  • Having a variety of good options across the board for minions is important. They don't always just try to predict the meta when deciding to create new cards.
  • Its possible they could create different ranked systems of play, but no current plans to announce.
    • Yong Woo has threatened Ben Brode with beatings due to this comment.
  • Digital-only can let them do a lot with formats, announcements soon, they're planning on radical stuff.
  • Reno Jackson - There isn't a plan to have any kind of UI hint to show that you still have second copies of cards in your deck. They'll talk about it though.
  • Alternate art scares them a bit. Art tells you what a card is right away. Heroes is a bit safer to do. They'll talk about promo cards more though.

Ben Brode on the Main Stage Stream

  • They were brainstorming the idea behind The League of Explorers back in 2011.
  • Chris Metzen had brought up The WoW faction Explorer's League and said they didn't receive a lot of love in WoW. The Hearthstone team saw an opportunity to use their previous brain storming to go with them as a theme.
  • Legendary minions should be legendary. Elise Starseeker is no exception.
  • They gave the artists time to do just whatever they wanted. One of the artists went all out on Elise and her tokens.
  • Wing by wing, the new cards will make it into the arena. The drop rate of the new cards in arena will increased when the adventure is out to promote it.
  • Ben was playing a Majordomo mage deck at the start of this season with Secrets, and dragons. He was knocked down to rank 20.
Panel Screenshotovi

Hearthstone - Tavern Brawl i Q&A Blizzcon 2015 Panel                

Diablo III Panel - Blood and Treasure

Jedini Diablo III Panel ove godine na Blizzcon je završen! Mi smo se potrudili da spakujemo najbitnije detalje kao i galeriju slika sa panela.

Originally Posted by Blizzard  
  • On stage: Game Director Josh Mosqueira, Lead Designer Kevin Martens, Senior Game Designer Alex Sulman, Senior Technical Designer Wyatt Cheng, and Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger
  • Talks about the Legacy of Reaper of Souls, and Diablo in general, also a reminder to join the short talks at the Slaughtered Calf Inn
  • The Expansions and Patches post release are what really made the games what they are.
  • A look back on Patch 2.0 and the RoS launch as well as the additions of Greater Rifts, Seasons, and Kanai's Cube
  • Patch 2.4 will introduce 2 new areas, Set Dungeons, and more!
  • We're starting off with a look into the new areas and creatures.
  • The new Areas are the Eternal Woods (adjacent to the Ruins of Sescheron), and the Royal Quarters, accessible from the other stairs of in Leoric's Manor.
  • There's a new larger zone, the Greyhollow Island (accessible via Act V), featuring 16 new monsters.
  • Bone Breakers, a Sasquatsch types, throwing rocks at you.
  • Glowing Death, a Wasp Nest which releases vanilla wasps is you get too close
  • There are over 175 new Bounties split between Acts 3, 4, and 5, some of which will be based off of new Events and Bounty Grounds
  • Bounty Grounds are accessible via a small portal that leads to one of 6 small worlds
  • One of these features 6 Cursed Shrines which you have to click
  • Another one features a lot of Fallen Shamans you need to kill, but there are a lot of Fallen in the way
  • There are more timed events that require you to kill monsters quickly.
  • New game systems are influenced by player feedback
  • There's 3 categories of feedback: #1: Not feasible, #2 Let's do it!; #3: Address root causes
  • The Buff UI was a major point for feedback, and is getting revamped!
  • Buffs that don't affect your moment-to-moment combat are being removed from the buff bar.
  • Instead, permanent skills (e.g. Monk Mantras) get a golden border, activating a short-term skill places a decreasing bar on top of the item, displaying the duration
  • Inna's Monks buffs are now placed in a buff holder that expands only on overmouse, just like other long-term buffs from other players
  • Another important point for feedback was the gap between solo and group play
  • There should still be an incentive to group, since Diablo is first and foremost a multiplayer game
  • Monster Health for smaller groups and solo players is being reduced
  • Experience Gear's effectiveness will be reduced by a factor of 10
  • To compensate, monster XP is being increased across the board
  • A console feature, the Massacre XP multiplier is coming to PC; it increases XP gained by a factor of up to 2.5 while you keep up a massacre.
  • Empowered Rifts allow you to spend Gold to get a fourth bonus roll for Gem upgrades if you finish it.
  • The Gold cost will scale with the GR level, a GR 50 will cost about 50 million gold, a GR 75 will cost 540 million gold.
  • New Cube Recipe: Permanently upgrade an Encient Items by sacrificing a Legendary Gem and a regular Gem. It will add 5 of the corresponding main stat per rank of the Legendary Gem that you used.
  • Damage numbers are now shortened with "k", "M", or "B"
  • Also, your highest damage numbers will now be displayed in orange and linger a little longer
  • There will be an indicator for having Cubed legendary powers.
  • Death's Breath will get its own unique color (teal) and a new particle effect to be more noticeable
  • You can now compare follower items
  • New Monk Belt: Sweeping Winds gains stack when you're not dealing damage.
  • New Barb Might Weapon: coming soon
  • New WD Mojo: Vile Hive: Locust Swarm gains the effect of the Pestilence Rune
  • New Wiz item: Energy Twister damage increase depending on the number of twisters you have out
  • Redesigned Thorns of the Invoker Set:
    • 2p: Your Thorns damage now hits al enemies in a 15 yard radius around you. Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack you Thorns is increased by 50% for 2 seconds.
    • 4p: You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after casting Bombardment.
    • 6p: The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 50% and deal 600% of your Thorns damage on the first enemy hit.
  • Redesigned Shadow's Mantle Set:
    • 2p While equipped with a melee weapon, all damage is increased by 1000%.
    • 4p: Shadow Power gains the effect of every rune and lasts forever.
    • 6p: Impale deals an additional 40,000% weapon damage to the first enemy hit.
  • Redesigned Legacy of Nightmares Set:
    • From panel: While this is your only Item Set bonus, your damage dealt is increased by 75% and damage taken is reduced by 4% for every Ancient items you have equipped.
    • From website: While this is your only Item Set bonus, every Ancient item you have equipped increases your damage dealt by 800% and reduces your damage taken by 4%. (probably the incorrect one)
  • Set Dungeons are based around the powers of the 6p Sets
  • There are Tomes with clues as to where the dungeon portal is located
  • You need to wear the relevant set to enter the dungeon. You'll get 2 regular objectives and a Mastery objective to fulfill withing a time limit.
  • There are 24 of those dungeons, each with unique challenges in unique locations.
  • If you finish all the objectives for all Set dungeons of a class, you earn a pennant.
  • If you master all of them, you'll earn a set of wings to show off.
  • Season 5 will feature Rebirth: You can start over for the Season, but your records will be maintained and you'll get your old gear mailed to you once the Season ends.
  • Season 4 will end in late December.
  • There will be a short break between Season 4 and 5.
  • Season 5 will be 3 months long, which might be the go-to Season length from now on.
  • Season Journey goals and Conquests will rotate through in future Seasons.
  • Future Seasons will also feature new cosmetic rewards: Portrait frames, pets, pennants, (Andariel!) Wings
  • There will be no Season-exclusive Legendaries next Season.
  • Each class will get one guaranteed class Set for their Season.
  • Patch 2.4 will feature 50 new Legendary items and 10 revised Sets
  • Every Season Journey that you play will give you a new Stash Tab, for up to 10 tabs, the first of which will be available right away with 2.4.
  • Console players will go up from 210 to 350 slots, since there are no Seasons
  • Technical PTR on November 9th
  • Patch 2.4 will come to PTR later next week!
  • Q&A time!
  • The devs are happy with Ramaladni's Gift RNG, to make them feel special
  • Using Legendary Gems to Augment items multiple times will replace the previous upgrade
  • Set dungeons have a fixed difficulty level and non-random layout.
  • Every Set dungeon has 2 achievements associated with it, so that you can track them
  • No plans for making "Follower can not die" baseline
  • Cave layouts are hard to make worthwhile in GR
  • The Server Slam a few weeks back helped develop optimizations to reduce lag, though none of them are live yet
  • No plans to differentiate pet damage
  • And that's a wrap!

Diablo III Panel - Blood and Treasure                                                               

Šta je Novo za Overwatch - Blizzcon 2015 Panel Recap

Tri nova heroja najavljena su na otvaranju Blizzcon 2015: Mei, D'Va i Genji. A na ovom panelu saznali smo više o ovim herojima, kao i par interesantnih informacija o samoj beti.
Originally Posted by Blizzard 

Panel developers

  • Jeff Kaplan - Game Director & Vice President
  • Arnold Tsang - Assistant Art Director
  • Goeff Goodman - Principal Designer

Beta Stats

  • 82k Matches Played
  • Avg Match Length: 7:34
  • Most played hero: Pharah
  • Best chance of winning: Symmetra


  • Console was a D1 idea and they worked on it right away
  • Console players and PC players will be separated. PS4 with PS4, XBox1 with XBox1.

New map : Hollywood

  • Payload map
  • They want a "Blizzardize" version of the real world
  • First area : Goldshire Studio (based from a WoW inn name)
  • Second area: Pionneer (Cowboy Saloon)
  • Third area: Space-ship and aliens
  • Different approach, varying on how characters move
  • A lot of Easter Eggs (winks to Blizzard game universe)

New Hero - Mei

  • Scientific heroes
  • Overwatch is to protect humanity from different threat, environment and weather threat is one of them.
  • They setup a lot of eco-watch
  • She got trapped and had to go in cryo and was only rescued years later while her team died
  • Yes the ultimate is named Blizzard in a wink (easter-egg) to Blizzard Entertainment
  • Her icewall can break in different segment (not all at once)

New Hero - D'Va

  • Lore to why to use a Mecha is very similar to Pacific Rim reasons : Creatures would come & goes and adapt to the last fight
  • Initially was a ground character only (no mecha flying)
  • Took a lot of iterations
  • While she shoots in mecha she is slow (hence why she has boosters)
  • Self-Destruct has the biggest explosion in the game so far. Don't run it, just take cover
  • Your mecha will continues forward if you were boosting even if you self-destruct

New Hero - Genji

  • Brother with Hanzo
  • Part of a crime clan (Shimada Clan), their father was the leader
  • Hanzo tries to kill him and is left for dead, Overwatch finds him and heals him
  • Half-human half-robot (Cyber Ninja)
  • His big sword is his ultimate weapon
  • Swift Strike is similar to Tracer blink ability, however it can be done in the air
  • Very mobile
  • Deflect ability can deflect anything. Bastion, Widowmaker...
Šta je Novo za Overwatch - Blizzcon 2015 Panel Recap                                                                                                             

Šta je Novo za Hearthstone

Originally Posted by Blizzard
  • Ben Brode is on Stage!
  • Elise Starseeker has a lead on the three pieces of the Staff of Origination. She can't find it alone though and needs to help of the League to retrieve it.
  • You need to join the League of Explorers to help out.
  • Everyone gets the Torch and Hat regardless of how many wings you buy.
  • Zinaar is a boss in the Temple of Orsis.
  • Sun Raider Phaerix is a boss in the Temple of Orsis.
  • After clearing two bosses, in Temple of Orsis, you need to escape!
  • When you clear a wing, you get the adventurer of your wing as a reward.
  • Chieftain Scarvash is a boss in Uldaman.
  • Archaedus is a boss in Uldaman. He summons useless statues on both sides of the field.
  • There's a new shredder-style minion.
  • You need to also escape from Uldaman, this time from a Mine Shaft.
  • Next next wing is Stranglethorn Jungle, run by Sir Finngly Mrglg
  • Giantfin is a massive murloc boss.
  • Arch-Thief Rafaam is a villian in the fourth wing. much different than previous wings.
  • Rafaam likes to curse stuff.
  • Rogues are only getting minions, Ben is excited to see what rogues can do with them.
Šta je Novo za Hearthstone

Nove Pozadine za Karte
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LOE Heroic Completion Nov. Ranked Reward Overwatch Collector's Edition
Novi Gameboard
gameboard 01 gameboard 01
Hearthstone Day 1 Panel Screenshotovi


World of Warcraft Cinematic - The Road to Legion

Originally Posted by Blizzard 
  • The cinematic needed an emotional hook, so the team looked at war movies.
  • They considered starting with an Alliance footman writing letters to his family, then Orc grunt who was writing letters to her family, finishing with Varian writing to Anduin.
  • Every shot brings the ship from the cinematic closer to the Broken Isles. It was very technically challenging!
  • There were thick clouds and they wanted to use sunlight beams to light the characters.
  • The ship wasn't going to be featured in the game, so they cinematics team was able to customize it as they wished. They elongated the ship and widened the bow to make it more front heavy.
  • The gunship model was very detailed. 7 million faces, 3000 of the 4000x4000 texture maps, raytracing. It takes 4-6 hours to render each frame.
  • There were 18th century ships they used as inspiration.
  • They also looked at older planes with sheets of metal and rivets.
  • The original cabin was going to be much larger, but it felt better smaller, allowing it to just be a backdrop for the character.
  • Some of the items on the desk are reused from previous cinematics.
  • The compass is passed down from Llane Wrynn.
  • The team drew inspiration from all of the different versions of Varian art that already existed.
  • Translating the character proportions from art to the 3D model was challenging.
  • Varian texture maps were based on real people. Pictures of 40 year old white males that worked in the office were used for reference. These detailed shots are used to make Varian's skin look real.
  • Much of the variation in his skin is from the reference photos, not painted.
  • There are as many texture maps on Varian as there are on the entire gunship.
  • Varian has lots of hair!
  • Varian takes 4-6 hours per frame and 20-30 GB of memory to render.
  • The lens makes a difference to how Varian's facial features appear.
  • Later on in the process the team picks the f-stop / focal length, trying to keep the result look realistic.
  • Lens distortion and chromatic aberration help to make it look like a real lens was used. Making 3D look realistic involves adding artifacts back in to the video.
  • Lots of reference video was used to give Varian realistic facial movements. No motion capture was used!
  • There were 50+ assets on the deck in the first big shot of the deck, helping to make it look filled out and realistic.
  • The team can use a motion capture camera to walk around the 3D deck to capture the camera movement, adding the smaller shakes and sways that come with using a real camera.
  • Motion capture was used to animate some of the other characters in cinematic, such as the soldiers on the deck.
  • The effects team made some really great water by using reference footage of someone in a pool.
  • There is a small goblin tugboat in one of the shots.
  • Some of the ships were recycled from other cinematics, such as the ship being destroyed in Booty Bay or the ships in the Mists of Pandaria cinematic. More detail had to be added to the ships.
  • The reference for the Horde ship coming through the clouds was older Viking ships. It was less detailed than the Alliance ship, with most of it near Sylvanas for her closer shots.
  • Sylvanas being an Undead High Elf was something the team wanted to be reflected properly in the cinematic.
  • Sylvanas had some more armor added to her midriff.
  • It is hard to get the subtle facial detail for younger women right. The team had some photo references of women's faces, projected it on the model, and cleaned it up from there. The pore detail is from real people.
  • The team added the illusion of red bloodflow in her ears with the lighting.
  • The team worked with Anna Maltese to capture reference footage to make sure Sylvanas moved realistically.
  • The fel energy was used as a team color, appearing on all of the enemies.
  • The final fighting shot used hundreds of reference footage shots to make it great.
  • Lots of effort put in to the lighting and composition to make it amazing!
  • The Illidan model from Burning Crusade was updated for Legion.
  • If the team does reuse assets, they usually have to update them to add more detail.
  • Orc skulls are reused in several cinematics.
  • Around 50% of environment assets are reused from previous work.
  • Cataclysm zeppelins are also in the background of the Legion cinematic.

World of Warcraft Cinematic - The Road to Legion                                                                                                                              
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